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Offering payment method cash on delivery

How can I let my costumer pay at the delivery?
Written by Dennis
Updated 4 months ago

With the payment method paying by surname the costumer is only paying directly to the postman when getting their order delivered. How does it works? Find out now:

1. Click on ''Payment methods'' in "Store Settings".

2. Click on "Connect Cash on Delivery"

3. Name the payment method for your customers. Select the countries for which this payment method should be available. Enter a price if your customer has to pay an extra fee for using this payment method (here: useful because most of the delivery companies claim high fees for that service).

Hit "create payment method" and you're done :-)

+Like this cash payment is possible --> good for customers that don't like to pay online
+secure payment guaranteed
+especially popular in Germany and neighbour countries

Other payment methods under https://branchbob.crunch.help/helpcenter/activating-payment-methods

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