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Offering credit card payment

How can I activate the payment method credit card?
Written by Dennis
Updated 4 months ago

To offer your costumer the payment method "credit card" you either use PayMill or Stripe. Both ways you have to have or be willing to open up an account there. Here is how it works:

Credit card payment via PayMill

1. Hit "Payment Methods" > "credit card payment (PayMill)"

2. Choose the countries in which this payment method should be allowed

3. Enter a price if your costumer has to pay an extra fee for using this payment method (not recommended)

4. Fill in your PayMill public and private key

5. Save and you're done :-)

Credit card payment via Stripe

1. Hit "Payment Methods" then go to "Connect Stripe Connect".

2. By hitting "Connect" you are automatically transferred to our interface with Stripe.

3. Enter all necessary information and hit "Zugriff auf dieses Konto aktivieren" and the new payment method is activated

+a wide range of  available credit cards are accepted worldwide (Visa, Master, American Express...)
+immediately pay in a convenient way

Other payment methods under https://branchbob.crunch.help/helpcenter/activating-payment-methods

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