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Offering bank transfer

How can I let my costumer pay by bank transfer in advance?
Written by Dennis
Updated 4 months ago

It's easy! With the payment method "bank transfer" your customer is not getting forwarded to its online banking page but is displayed your bank details automatically in the order confirmation mail. With this information, he can transfer the money on his own before the order gets delivered. This is how it works:

1. Click on ''Payment Methods'' in "Store Settings".

2. Click on "Connect Bank Transfer".

3. Fill in the required fields. First name the payment method for your customers. Under "Zone" you select the countries in which the payment method should be available. Finally, enter your bank details to which the customers' money should be transferred.

Hit "create payment method" and you're done :-)

+Customers with no online banking can still transfer the money

Other payment methods under https://branchbob.crunch.help/helpcenter/activating-payment-methods

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