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Make your first sales today!
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Setting up your own Online Store

A simple step-by-step guide to getting started with branchbob.

Set up your branchbob store in 4 easy steps:

  1. Add your Products

  2. Add a Delivery/Pickup Option

  3. Choose a Payment Option

  4. πŸ”— SHARE your Link on Social Media


As part of our service, we will take you by the hand and together we will increase your sales and turnover. 

Step 1: Add Products

Login to your branchbob Cockpit and head directly over to "Products" on the left sidebar. From here you can easily create new Products.

If you sell clothes, for example, you can also create different variants, such as size, color, and so on. You can find a detailed tutorial here: Adding Products

Step 2: Add Delivery/Pickup Options

To add your delivery and pickup methods, go to Settings -> Shipping Methods. There you can easily add different Delivery Methods for Customers to receive their Orders. Choose from Fixed-Price Delivery-Options or you can even calculate Shipping costs based on your Product weights.

Step 3: Choose Payment Options

To add new Payment Methods for your Online Store, go to Settings -> Payment Methods

Besides local Payment Methods like Bank transfer, Cash on Delivery, or Cash on Pickup, we have already integrated the most popular Digital Payment Methods like Stripe, Razorpay, 2Checkout, or Paypal. We are constantly adding more Payment Methods here. You can also easily create your own Custom Payment Method in a few seconds.

Step 4: Start Selling!

Yeah! You did it πŸ‘

Now, put your Store-Link on every Social Media Account, send your Store-Link via Whatsapp directly to your Customers, and make your first Sale today! πŸ’°

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