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Creating your cover page

Where can I add the logo, slogan, homepage text and cover page products?
Written by Dennis Geiss
Updated 3 months ago

Logo, slogan and homepage text

1. click on the name of your store in the upper left corner
2. fill in the title and slogan fields
3. add a meta description
4. don't forget to scroll down to the bottom, where you have to upload your logo
5. upload your logo and favicon
6. make design adjustments
7. save and you're done!

Cover page products

1. Click on "Appearance" > "Homepage". Welcome your customers with an appealing and search engine optimized home page text.
2. Start page products: You have previously provided these with the check mark "On the start page

3. Using the ''delete'' icon you can easily remove products from your homepage
4. With a click on the "Open Store Button" you can check out how your cover page looks like and make modifications
5. Finished :-)

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