Offering payment method cash on pickup

How can my costumers pay in cash and in person?
Written by Dennis
Updated 1 year ago

You are owning a retail shop, an atelier, or a garage? You should not miss the opportunity to let your costumers drop by to collect and pay for their favorite products. This is how it works:

1. Click on ''Payment Methods'' in "Store Settings".

2. Click on "Connect Cash On Pickup".

3. Name the payment method and choose the countries in which this payment method should be allowed (other countries than your one do barely make sense).

Hit "Connect" and you're done :-)

+customers have the possibility to get to know you and your retail shop
+no long delivery times, costumers just drops by whenever they want
+possibility to pay cash --> good for customers that don't like to pay online
+customers can check the products  (+maybe buy more than they wanted to)

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