How to use Ai Magic Button

What if creating content became as easy as waving a magic wand? Enter branchbob's revolutionary new feature!
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Good news! Now you can create different content as blog articles, product description, Google or Facebook advertising content and many more other things automatically. Save time and effort! With the magic wand, you can generate a variety of texts tailored to your specific idea for seconds.

Let's ensure you get the best out of this feature:

1. Be specific:

Product description:

❌ "Woman dress"
"Women's summer dress. Sizes: XS-XXL. Colors: Yellow and Pink"


❌ "About yoga."
✅ "New yoga class starting this June. It should focus on a serene yoga setting, and emphasize the benefits of early morning sessions. Target audience: Women aged 25-40."

Blog article:

❌ "Pets"
✅ "Caring for Senior Cats. It should cover diet, health check-ups, and common age-related issues."

2. Choose the Mood of your text:

  1. Serious Tonality: A serious tonality conveys professionalism, trustworthiness, and commitment. It's ideal for businesses aiming to establish authority and reliability. Serious tonality is commonly used in high-end fashion, financial services, and legal industries.

  2. Natural Tonality: A natural tonality in a common sense reflects simplicity, everyday authenticity, and relatability. It's perfect for brands that want to connect with customers on a down-to-earth, friendly level. This tonality is often used in industries where approachability and familiarity are key, like home and kitchen products.

  3. Catchy Tonality: A catchy tonality is lively, fun, and unforgettable. It's perfect for brands that want to grab attention, create excitement, and make a lasting impression on their audience. Catchy tonality is effective in industries such as entertainment, tech gadgets, and fast fashion.

3. Review and customize: While the Magic Wand is powerful, always review the generated content. Add your personal touch or brand voice to make it uniquely yours. ✨

4. Practice makes perfect: The more you use the Magic Wand, the better you'll get at crafting precise instructions and refining outputs to perfection.

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