Integrate legally compliant cookie notification from ''IT Rechtskanzlei''

How can I integrate the free cookie consent solution of the ''IT Rechtskanzlei'' into my shop?
Written by Dennis
Updated 3 years ago

This article is useful for all clients of ''IT Rechtskanzlei''. All other shop operators will find a simple version of the cookie message under Settings > Legal. However, the cookie consent message of IT Rechtskanzlei offers the solution which is dunning-safe since October 2019. The big difference is that with this cookie notification the visitor of your store has the possibility to view details and can also reject or partially reject the cookies. So if you are a customer of IT Rechtskanzlei, you should use this possibility in any case, as long as it is still offered for free.

It goes like this:

  1. Copy your personalized code from the newsletter mail of IT Law Firm (the code looks like this: <script type=xyz></script>)
  2. Log in to your store and go to ''Designs''
  3. Click on the edit icon and on "enter pro mode" to get to your source code
  4. Select the master.html and scroll down to the very end 

{{ store.body_end_snippet }}

And paste the Code here!


    5. Do not forget to save and the next time you visit the shop the new cookie
        message should be displayed.

If you have any questions, we are here for you. We can only recommend the services of IT-Rechtskanzlei'' to all those who do not yet use its services. You can find more information here.

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