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What is Internal linking 

Internal linking refers to the practice of creating hyperlinks within a website that direct users to other pages within the same website. These links can be used to help users navigate a website and find related content.


Internal linking can have several benefits for website owners, including improving website usability, enhancing search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, and increasing user engagement. By linking related content together, website owners can help users discover more information on a particular topic or keep them on their site for longer periods of time. Additionally, internal linking can help search engines better understand the structure and hierarchy of a website, which can improve the website's overall ranking in search results.

Ideas that you can implement for your Online Store

  1. Link to Blog Posts: If your online store has a blog, include internal links to your blog posts from your product pages and other relevant pages. This can help to provide additional context and information for users and also signal to search engines that your website is an authority in your industry.

  2. Link to your FAQs: Include links to your FAQs page on your product pages to help answer common questions and concerns users may have about your products.

  3. Link to popular products: Identify your best-selling or most popular products and link to them from other relevant pages on your site. This can help drive more traffic and engagement to these products.

  4. Bundle products: Offer bundles of products that make a good combination and link to them from relevant product pages. For example, if you sell skincare products, you might offer a bundle of products for a complete skincare routine and link to it from your individual product pages.

  5. Link to product reviews: If you have product reviews on your site, include links to them on your product pages. This can help build trust with users and encourage them to make a purchase.

Remember to always keep user experience in mind when using internal linking. Your links should be relevant, useful, and add value for your users.

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