Life hack: How to move your Store to the Top of Google

Simplified approach to get your business noticed on Google
Written by Dennis
Updated 10 months ago

With such a variety of information and constantly changing algorithms, bringing your business to the first page of Google can seem like a big challenge. However, there is one element that remains unchanged in its meaning: content. If you feel overwhelmed by SEO issues, this article will offer a simple step-by-step strategy for improving the content of your website to bring your store to the Google Tops.

1. Identify Your Product or Service: Let’s say you sell Pet Clothes. That’s your starting point.

2. Research Common Queries: Visit the website, Enter your product or service (in our example, "pet clothes") into the search bar. The site will provide you with numerous questions people commonly ask about your product.

3. Dive Deeper with Incognito Mode:

  • Pick one of the questions from AnswerThePublic.
  • Open a new incognito window in Google Chrome. Why incognito? This ensures that your previous search histories don’t influence the results.

  • Type the selected question into the search bar.

  • Examine the first three articles that pop up in the search results. Take note of the topics and points they cover.

4. Recreate with Originality:

  • Based on your findings, craft an article that addresses the chosen question. 
Here you can create an article: PagesCreate Page
  • While you might draw inspiration from the top articles, it's essential to write original content. Never copy. Always provide a fresh perspective.

5. Repeat the Process:

  • Go back to the list of questions from AnswerThePublic and select another one.
  • Continue this process until you've addressed a significant number of queries related to your product or service.
The essence of this strategy is that by answering real-world questions people have about your product, you're naturally increasing the relevance of your content. This will, over time, improve your SEO ranking.
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