Integrating the Google Shopping Feed

How do I profit from this and how is it working?
Written by Dennis
Updated 1 year ago

To give your shop the opportunity to be better connected and therefor better ranked in Google searchings you should not miss integrating the Google Shopping Feed. Also you can use all the Google Services once your shop is registered and verified, so following the next steps is really worth it. This is how it works:

  1. When in your branchbob backend go to Marketing > Google Shopping Feed
  2. Hit the link and sign up/register at the Google Merchand Center
  3. Enter name and URL of your online shop (your shop URL is to be found in the URL bar when hitting "open store", e.g.
  4. Now your shop URL has to be verified. Therefor you scroll down to alternative methods > HTML tag
  5. Open the drop down menu with a click and copy the HTML meta tag (it should look like this <meta name="google-site-verification" content="SSzJ29zMnxyHIlWmrfIcWfn9GvN3T3v5UV4FJTsOviw" />)
  6. In your shop backend go to designs and hit on the edit button of your current design

7. Hit "Enter pro mode" > "master html" and paste the meta tag beneath the other meta tags. Hit the save button and open your store again to save the changes.

8. In your Google Merchand backend hit "Verify URL" to confirm your shop details and you are done!

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