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How can I connect Google Webmaster and use its tools?
Written by Dennis
Updated 1 year ago

In order to use Google Webmaster Tools, i.e. to receive suggestions for improving the visibility of your store, you must register or log in here free of charge. The next steps are as follows:

  1. Click on "Add property" in the top left corner
  2. Paste your shop URL (just copy the address from the URL bar that you receive when you click on "open shop")
  3. To confirm that you are the owner of the site, it is best to choose the second method. To do so, click on "HTML Tag" and copy the tag generated for you.
  4. Visit ''Designs'' in your cockpit and enter the design editor of your selected design.

5. Click on master.html and insert the copied HTML tag in line 9 (in Wundery design). Click on save, open the store and you have already "confirmed" your ownership. 

6. Click on confirm at Google Webmaster, afterwards you should receive a message that the authentication has been successful.

Since your shop is now connected, you can use all the functions of Google Webmaster. Just keep in mind that error reports etc. will be generated a few days after your registration, as soon as Google has tracked your shop for a few days. 

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