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Where do I find my sitemap and how can I submit it to Google?
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1. What is a sitemap in the first place and why do I need it?
A sitemap is nothing but a data file, which you submit to Google or Bing Webmaster Tools to tell the search engine which pages of your online shop should be known. If you have rather less external links to your online shop this step can contribute effectively to a better search request ranking of your online shop.

2. How can I activate my sitemap?
With the SEO Sitemap App the necessary date file is automatically active and integrated at any time. Following "Apps & Marketing" you can take a look at the URL to your data file and you will also find helpfull links to informations on the topic.

3. Where do I submit the data file?
Following "Apps & Marketing" you can find all the necessary links you need. But here again the links to where you can submit your sitemap data file to Google or Bing.

Our Tutorials show you how to proceed.



Also be aware, that the listing of your pages can take some time - so don't worry.

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